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Mighty Patch Campaign


Hello Fresh

Type of project

New Market Advertising


Brand Activation, Creative Direction, Campaign Design, Storytelling, Presentation, Product Design


Los Angeles


November - December 2022


  • Youtube
  • LinkedIn


Photoshop, Keynote,

Premiere Pro, Rhino 3D

Project Brief

Skincare for every journey of a Man!


Whether a golfer, or a surfer, a father or a boyfriend, a gym rat or a gear head, skincare is an essential moment of self care that every kind of man deserves too. Men have lifestyles that cause their skin to be prone to acne. They just don’t know it yet. The fact that skincare is such an alien concept to men, has led to misconstrued notions that have made them believe that they don’t require skincare. This campaign has set out to speak to all kinds of men, communicating that acne is an issue that men need to take care of too. We reel in familiarity with the concept by drawing relationships between things they know and do.

About the project

Men often turn a blind eye towards the idea of skincare for a plethora of reasons. Most of these contribute to the fact that they predominantly cater to and are marketed towards, women. This has set a stereotype, an assumption that men don’t require skincare. A majority of men are also oblivious to skincare because of the sheer complexity of its process and application. For this demographic, things need to be simple to understand, easily accessible and have a straightforward purpose to peak interest and draw attention.

As a result, skincare is primarily an alien concept and is not given enough importance. Acne care (a moment of self care that is essential to anyone, irrespective of gender and age) are ignored by men because they don’t know where to begin and don’t want to know if it involves a ten step process. Skincare products use colors, words and designs that make their packaging feel unapproachable to men, making them feel like skincare isn’t for them.

There is an opportunity of growth that exists in this segment of skincare. This is a result of evolving gender norms and the increased importance of self care. Men are turning more ears towards the concept of skincare and are willing to listen if it speaks to their needs. The simpler, the better, the easier the more sought after.


Disclaimer: This is a project designed while undergoing my Masters program

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