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The Beautiful Let Down

Project Type

Art and Awareness


April, 2017


Bangalore, India


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Photography, Chemical treatment, Conceptualization, Storytelling, Social Movement

Project Brief

To create awareness about a social cause/conflict through an art display, invoking emotions, creating an impact and telling a story

About this project

This was an art project that studied a rising crime trend seen in India. ‘Acid Attack’ or ‘Acid Throwing’, is a form of violent assault that involves the act of throwing acid or any corrosive substance onto the body of another individual with the intention of disfiguring, torturing or killing them. The corrosive liquid damages skin tissue, often exposing and sometimes dissolving the bones. This attack doesn’t only have Health related effects on its victim but also Psychological and Social effects too. An Acid Attack victims’ life takes a complete 360 degree turn post the attack, causing severe mental health issues, low self esteem and increased self-consciousness, both in general and in the social sphere. Due to impaired vision and physical handicap, many victims become dependencies as finding suitable work becomes a difficulty, negatively impacting their economic viability, causing hardships within their families. 


Awareness of the existence of such an attack is the first step in making a difference where it counts. This concept came to life through intensive research and Skype calls with a few victims. A photographic art installation that displayed the physical effects of the crime was the strongest way to spread awareness in an impactful manner. Portraits of girls in my university were shot and printed onto Photo paper. Using the same acid forms that are used in the attack (Hydrochloric Acid, Sulfuric Acid and Nitric Acid), the photos were deformed. The reaction of the acid on the photo paper symbolises the deformities caused on actual Human skin tissues. The photos were left to dry and then displayed during an open exhibition where the same girls happened to walk past their own portraits, now completely unrecognisable. 

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