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ArtCenter Pavillion


ArtCenter College of Design

Project Type

Breakout Space


September - October, 2021


ArtCenter College of Design


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Rhino 7, Twinmotion


Creative Strategy, Field Study, Human Experience Design, Spatial Design, Body As Architecture

Project Brief

To design a breakout area for the ArtCenter community on the Hillside campus. Studying the field condition around, peoples behaviours and preferences and current trends, to arrive at a program strategy and form of the space.

About this project

Creating a breakout space that celebrates the nature around ArtCenter, without taking the beauty away from it. The idea was to mimic the movement of the mountainous view around the campus, creating the feeling of going on a little hike in between classes. The concept of keeping it very natural and earthy was intentionally done in order to allow students to experience the contrast in textures, materials and colours between the stark black metal building and the environment that surrounds it. The form plays with movement, light and shadow.

Using "body as architecture" and "architecture as body", the form and structure of this Pavilion is designed in a way that provides its' audience with the freedom of choice on how to use and interact with the space. Making this space the perfect break for creative thinkers, to help them relax, refresh and feel inspired. 

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