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How story becomes form

Bumble IRL x LA

A first date experience designed for Bumble matches. A space that symbiotically lives with the application to give people a real and genuine chance to find their someone special

Mighty Patch Brand Campaign

A brand campaign designed to market Mighty Patch products to male customers in quirky and innovative ways that communicate that skincare is for everyone and every journey they are on


A lighting experience that's inspired by the ephemeral sway of a curtain catching the wind. Seasoning your dining experience with layers of emotion, light and shadow

ArtCenter Pavillion

A breakout space designed for the ArtCenter community. A design that allows users to interact with the structure in ways that provide the right kind of "escape".

Hello Fresh Brand Campaign

A 360 brand campaign that launches Hello Fresh products for subscribers to enjoy the ultimate roommate experience

Sound Cave by Sonos

Reimagining the present day cafe experience with Sonos. A spatial concept that activates a multi-sensorial experience through sound

Portrait by Vogue x Crenn

An atelier of stories and conversation. A spatial concept that brings strangers together through storytelling and food. A collaboration between Vogue and Dominique Crenn, to launch a new direction for the beauty, lifestyle and fashion magazine.

Calibrated Landscapes

A "plug-n-play" spatial concept inspired by a childhood favourite "The Magic School Bus". Redesigning a school bus into a fun, interactive and educative  space for children

The Beautiful Let Down

An art project to spread awareness on Acid Attacks, a brutal crime trend seen across the world. Displaying the physical and emotional side effects of the attack through photography

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