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Calibrated Landscapes

Project type

Plug-N-Play, pop-up space


July - December, 2019


Creative Strategy, Research, Spatial Planning, Innovation, "Play" inspired design


Bangalore, India


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SketchUp, Lumion

Project Brief

A Plug N Play concept that uses design to better teach intimidating subjects like Mathematics, through a more experiential and life based approach

About this project

Mathematical parks or rather landscapes as we want to see them, are conceptualised to demonstrate that the world of Mathematics is not confined only in schools and specialised laboratories but rather the fundamental concepts of Mathematics are all around for us to see, play, experience and learn in the process. They are envisaged to bring math down to Earth through hands-on learning techniques and effectively convey, simplify the fundamental concepts of Mathematics to spark curiosity and build confidence across a wider audience, especially children.


Creative and playful models of outdoor classrooms and experiments can offer a unique setting for a child to learn because it can introduce a multiple sensory experience into the otherwise uni-sensory textbook or a blackboard transacted by the teacher. It can make abstract concepts more concrete and real from the child’s perspective. Dimensions, textures, shapes, angles and movement can be used to communicate some basic concepts of Mathematics in multiple fields and everyday life, to make learning a truly enjoyable and memorable experience for children.


This way children have not only heard the Math concepts in a lecture, or read it in a book - they have seen them, touched them, played with them and have learnt and reflected over themselves! Through the redesigning of a regular school bus, a portable Mathematical Experience has been curated for both children and adults.

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