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Sound Cave
by Sonos



Type of project

Hybrid Cafe Experiene



ArtCenter College of Design

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September - December, 2021


Storytelling, Creative Strategy, Brand Activation, Multi-Sensorial Design, Spatial Design, Experience Design, Spatial Graphics, Content Writing


Rhino 7, Twinmotion, Photoshop

Project Brief

How can design extend a brand’s presence to include a cafe experience?

There is an opportunity for brands to reimagine the future of the in-store experience. Physical retail stores are poised for innovation: to draw people away from their screens, into unique branded experiences with the potential to build community; or even to create rich hybrids that integrate the digital tools with experiential space.


With more and more brands offering online options, customers seek brick and mortar experiences that are immersive, multi-layered, multi-use and a delight to the sense.

About the space

Feel more with Sound, the Sonos way!

Sound Cave is a multi sensorial cafe experience that uses sound to activate and elevate each of your senses. Inspired by the theory of Synesthesia, Sound Cave brings Sonos’s vision and belief in sound to an everyday cafe experience. Using sounds inspired by nature, this Sonos cafe is a space to rejuvenate, re-inspire and activate all your senses, taking you away from the monotony of our everyday lives.

The concept of this space grew from the story of a cave and how this space is actually a sound cave, a place where sound was born and has been living here for over a thousand years, slowly carving it’s way through it. Through this story, the brand gives you the opportunity to interact with Sound at its’ place of birth, where sounds were first heard, felt and even tasted.

Through the concept of a tea room, this was Sonos’s opportunity to reimagine our present day cafe experience. There are so many ways of experiencing Tea, so many dimensions to its flavour that makes it the perfect pairing to the kind of feeling sound activates through its interactions. Sipping on tea, is like taking sip of nature and that fit perfectly with the theme of the cafe.

There are two layers of the Sound Cave experience. On the outside, it’s a collective experience where you can witness how sound elevates your taste, your smell and your sense of touch! But to truly witness the magic of sound, you have to be able to control it, after all, that is the Sonos way of celebrating sound! There are sound pods in the cafe that give you control of the sound within the pod. By using the Sonos app, you can control the sounds that play in the pod and see how that dances with your senses in a whole new way. It’s Sonos’s way of building a personal connection between you, your sound and the brand!

Axonometric view - Sound Cave.001.jpeg
Sonos Ad on phone.png

Instagram advertisement for the launch of the cafe experience

Screenshot 2021-12-13 at 8.44.03 PM.png

Sonos application for the cafe, with in built ordering and menu, sound pod experience and a story about the space

A video mock up of the app that lets you control the sound in the cafe Sound pods. Turn table experience with nature inspired sounds that play in space, as you activate it through the app

Disclaimer: This is a project designed while undergoing my Masters program

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