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Type of Project

Lighting, Storytelling through Product, Home Experience


August, 2023


Storytelling, Content Writing, Lighting Design, Creative Strategy, Conceptualization


ArtCenter College of Design


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Rhino 7, Unreal Engine 5

Project Brief

Consider the mood and intimacy that illumination can create while dining at home or at a restaurant; or how lighting can become part of a daily ritual of sipping tea or coffee; or how lighting can transform a patio into a festive dinner; or how lighting might shift if you are dining alone, or with family or friends. 


How might lighting enhance the colours and textures of food, and the experience of preparing or eating it? 

About the project

Saaya which means "shadow" in Hindi, is a lighting experience that's inspired by little moments at home, like watching your curtains sway with the wind, and how these moments help keep us centred and slow time down for us to be entirely present in the moments that we spend at home. The form and structure of this light was created by "freezing" the sway of a curtain and studying how that movement brings light and flow into a room. 


The material and form of the light come together to create a "day to night" experience of the light. It is designed to interact with its' surroundings both in the day, when the light is off and in the night, when the light is on. This ensures that the form is activated both by natural and artificial light. Saaya as a lighting concept is designed for a home setup and is envisioned to be the perfect dining companion. This lighting experience is created to encourage people to spend more time dining at the table rather than in front of a screen. Through layers of light and shadow, Saaya seasons a family dining moment with more emotion, allowing its' audience to experience the organic joy of sharing a meal with your family. 

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