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Bumble IRL x LA



Type of project

Brand Experience Design



Silverlake, Los Angeles

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September 2022 - April 2023


Storytelling, Creative Strategy, Brand Activation, Marketing, Multi-Sensorial Design, Spatial Design, Experience Design, Content Writing, User Experience


Rhino 7, Unreal Engine 5,

Photoshop, Adobe After Effects

Project Brief

Swipe right to meet IRL!

The first "in real life" experience for bumble matches. A space that symbiotically adds a new dimension to the bumble application. A "lets grab a drink" experience that gives you the opportunity to have just the right kind of conversation to meaningfully explore your initial connection with a match.

This concept explores our two forms of touch; One that brings us closer and one that keeps us apart. The goal is to find a way for brands to inspire human connection by using technology to empower real human interaction. 

About the experience

Simple and innate human abilities like finding, building and nurturing genuine connections have been challenged by our growing digital dependencies. Today's youth find it extremely difficult to engage in real and meaningful interactions. Relationships feel frozen in time with no one new coming along or no one known growing closer. Online dating applications today are both the brand and the technology that bring people closer to each other. There is opportunity in elevating our present day dating experience in ways that help give the youth an honest chance to find their someone special. 

Bumble IRL is a physical manifestation of the application that becomes a space to meet your Bumble match for the first time. The space serves as a transition from virtual interactions to connecting with each other in person. This experience has been thoughtfully curated to take care of all your first date jitters and help you focus on being you. The space has been designed by a variety of talking points to enable real and impactful interactions that help matches truly express who they are. 

Right from matching on the app to actually meeting in person and having your first date, your experience is enriched by Bumble's support and companionship. This concept brings value to the Bumble user experience, while also positively impacting the way people feel about the brand itself. 

Bumble IRL Deck.012.jpeg

A brand guideline for the spatial experience

A material palette that creates a balance between guided experiences and open possibilities

Making a reservation through the app and setting your preferences

Light changes within a date spot as matches spend more time together

A digital table to not just place your order, but make your drink together

Matches can screen cast onto the table and enjoy moments of sharing

A video walkthrough of the user experience

Bumble IRL thesis presentation of project concept and details

Disclaimer: This is a project designed while undergoing my Masters program

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