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by Vogue x Crenn



Type of project

Hybrid retail and dining experience


Brand Activation, Storytelling, Spatial Design, Experience Design, Ambient Media Strategy, Event Planning, Content Writing


Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles


January - April, 2022


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Rhino 7, Twinmotion, Photoshop, Grasshopper

Project Brief

To explore how a brands DNA and essence can transform into a compelling narrative and spatial experience for hospitality design. This is achieved through creating a collaboration between a publishing brand and a well known chef.

About the project

We're all built differently and its' this difference that becomes the essence of our individuality. This individuality comes in multiple shades and chooses to present itself in multiple ways, whether that's through our personalities, through our stories or our journeys. This uniqueness that belongs to each one of us becomes the portrait of our self expression. Fashion, beauty and lifestyle magazines like Vogue are still struggling to represent beauty for what it actually stands for; individuality. We're constantly subjected to idealistic standards instead of appreciating what sets each of us apart. This reactive spatial experience creates a pathway for the youth (the new voices of Vogue), to shape impactful stories and conversation for Vogue. 


Through this branded experience, Portrait uses Dominique Crenn (A Michelin star chef based in San Francisco), who's unapologetic and vivacious personality is the inspiration and the driver of the change in direction for the magazine. The brand and the chef come together to shape a new pathway for Vogue, that brings it closer to its' people, making the magazines stories and conversations about them rather than it being a message to them. The experience is curated through studying Dominique Crenns organic ways of connecting with strangers through her food. Her ability to bring story, food and conversation to life in a space is the secret anecdote behind this spatial experience. This space brings people's inner personalities to life by connecting a room full of strangers to each other and to their space, through shared experiences. 

Creating movement through storytelling as you enter the space, with morphed visuals

Stories in Space: Guests are given tablets with certain prompts. As they answer these prompts, parts of their texts begin to be projected in space, bringing the audience together through a moment of sharing

Keerthana Menon - SXD Portfolio.002.jpeg
Keerthana Menon - SXD Portfolio.001.jpeg

Disclaimer: This is a project designed while undergoing my Masters program

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