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#HelloRoomie Campaign


Hello Fresh

Type of project

New Market Advertising


Brand Activation, Creative Direction, Campaign Design, Storytelling, Presentation, Product Design


Los Angeles


September - October 2022


  • Youtube
  • LinkedIn


Photoshop, Keynote

Project Brief

Creating comprehensive centered on emerging market opportunities. Research existing brand identities to design and craft projects that work cohesively across an array of platforms.

About the project



Sharing your space with someone is a big decision to make. You now have someone to come back home to. We’re sure that’s a new and special feeling for you. Roommates are your partners in crime, your team mate to rant to when things get tough and your person to run to, to celebrate your successes. It’s official, roommates are your “Chief Life Officers”. The memories you build together are the ones that you carry with you through all phases of life. They are moments you reflect back on and smile to yourself as the thought crosses your mind. 

But what is also special about having a roommate are the little moments you get to spend together, like a night at home, watching your favorite show and munching on some comfort food. Sounds like the recipe to a perfect night in. It’s these little moments that make living together a memorable experience.

Keerthana_HelloFresh_Campaign Design1024_19.jpg
Keerthana_HelloFresh_Campaign Design1024_20.jpg
Keerthana_HelloFresh_Campaign Design1024_22.jpg

Disclaimer: This is a project designed while undergoing my Masters program

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